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The Start-Up – If you have a BIG IDEA solution that you want to bring to market, but don’t know where to start or how to give your message traction, we can help you.

The Next Phase Adaptor – Fearing stagnation? Agility and Adaptation are talents to have in today’s constantly evolving landscape of business.


Our team of expert collaborators all subscribe to the same mantra; “You Better Be Living”. We are part of the same village and committed to growth.

Keven Hempel

In business today it is time to start doing things differently to stay alive. Over the years we have learned techniques to do exactly just that. When faced with tremendous turmoil we have risen to the challenge and successfully alleviated our client’s roadblocks, which in turn allowed for a more stable workload and maximized their ability to get it done. It’s time to go for it. The next time you feel like there must be a better way, contact True North Services Inc. If it doesn’t exist, we are here to help, so we will make it happen together.

Bryan Botella

We serve as a visitors guide to our Domestic and International clients. Depending on the preferences of the client we offer services from recommendations of great places to visit in San Francisco to accompanying them on excursions in and around the city or to the extended bay area. Be it restaurants, shows, games, hiking, wine tasting or just an adventure if you are in town and with a group or a solo traveler.  We have the experiences for you to come and enjoy in a relaxing state of mind.

kat silberstein

Kat Silberstein

Kat Silberstein is responsible for driving the global business development strategy including creating alliances, strategic partnerships and recruiting and management of resellers and distributors worldwide. As a seasoned professional, Kat has more than 15+ years of experience in high tech corporate and product marketing, public relations, business development, and sales. Kat brings a strong global business development and marketing background to True North Services Inc. which is key in assisting with the company’s ability to take clients to that next level.

Monique Cimino

Monique Cimino

Monique Cimino is the partner responsible for the business administration coordination strategy including creating the specialized custom digitization plans, contract reviews and submitting local and nationwide documentation. Monique has more than 12 years of experience in leading administrative tasks and she brings a solid administrative foundation and outside the box thinking process when it comes to our clients business growth for True North Services Inc.


True North Services Inc.

Every organization requires one or more change agents with the skill set and influence to facilitate growth.

True North Services Inc. follows from the front. This is all about the business leaders responsibility to remove obstacles from the paths of their team members.

“To clarify the vision for growth by providing operational and procedural guidance and support”

One must have objectives and a plan to reach those goals. As a business operations service company, We work with a wide array of business owners and management teams in clarifying their vision for growth by providing operational guidance and support.

With over 15 years of experience we have experienced first hand the sudden surge of operational demands and watched the internal chaos ensue while management struggles to create infrastructure.

Great ideas need to be explored. Actions need to be taken. How is your organization prepared to meet the needs for tomorrow?

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

What’s keeping you from being at your best? See it and achieve it.

Everything that we do is guided by a set of core values at our foundation







The Experience and Background True North Services Inc. Provides:

  • 20 years of project management experience

  • 30 years experience with first hand sudden surges of operational and procedural demands

  • Heavy emphasis in business management and contract review

  • Heavy emphasis and understanding in project administrative processes

Accomplishments and Services That Can Be Achieved

Administrative support

Production division creation

Organizational processes

Diversification of alternative verticals

Convert To The Cloud

Project management reviews duties and tasks

Design and relay your distribution and manufacturing chain

Training of new work staff

Gain credibility within an industry

Workflow Automation

Idea generation processes establishment

Estimating Alignment

Third party outsourcing workforce

Content Creation & Negotiation

Idea to Inception in 365 Days

True North Services Inc mission is to infuse and accelerate the difference in how we start a business, run a business, lead a business.

Partners, clients and organizations we are teamed with.